Supporting RPCVs Post-Service

Hey there,

The origin of RPCVnexus started in 2019 when Peace Corps and the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) asked for help in creating a program that supported Peace Corps Volunteers seeking jobs after service. Since then, I’ve looked at the ‘how to’ and built RPCVnexus to provide post-service resources and career counseling to all Current and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers as they consider their next steps. 

Joined by other passionate RPCVs, we launched RPCVnexus in 2023 as a non-profit organization. RPCVnexus is independent of Peace Corps, meaning that all statements and information are of our own design and not representative of Peace Corps. As such, RPCVnexus is able to freely provide guidance and recommendations based on the collective knowledge and experiences of Volunteers who do not represent a federal entity. This one-stop-shop is here for RPCVs looking to the future and consider what comes after service, contemplate going back to school, and prepare their resumes for jobs. 


Our passion is service and our intent is to boost others based on what we’ve learned along the way so those who come after us have a higher starting point than we did. 

Whether you’re looking for some help or interested in helping others, reach out at any time! Happy to put something on the calendar.

Jonathan Keenan

RPCV Cameroon, 2014-2016

Founder & Executive Director

Management Team

Jonathan Keenan

Founder & Executive Director

RPCV Cameroon, 2014-2016

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Sarah Whitworth

Communications Specialist

RPCV China, 2019-2020

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Jakob Leichtman

Grant Writing

RPCV Ecuador

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Profile photo of Maiya G Block Ngaybe

Maiya Block Ngaybe

Project Coordinator

RPCV Cameroon, 2016-2018



Board of Directors

Tom Kennedy

RPCV Cameroon

Profile photo of Michael BehrmanMichael Behrman

RPCV The Gambia


Jon Martin

RPCV Costa Rica


Jianca Kennedy

RPCV Thailand


Advisory Council

Listed in order of joining the Council:

Vivien Garber (Friend of Peace Corps); Jodi Hammer (RPCV Ecuador); Lie Njie (RPCV The Gambia); Meredith Briere (RPCV China) Catharine Swan Buccowich (RPCV Cameroon); Rowena Frazer (RPCV West Samoa); Alexandra Mattson (Former PC Staff); Emily Kies (Friend of Peace Corps); Joe O’Connor (RPCV Albania);