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We’re combing the internet and interviewing other RPCVs to answer the questions you’re wondering about after service or in the midst of your career. These are then converted into the articles and recorded interviews in Post-Service Resource Library. 



If there’s an additional resource or information that helped you along your journey that RPCVs should know about or if there’s something you’re looking for that’s not in our one-stop-shop, email us at! 

articles & Factsheets

Looking for quick guidance or direction as you research benefits or next steps?

Compiled references on post-service benefits, step-by-step guides, and notes to give you a step up as you look to what’s next!  

Recorded Conversations

Miss an event or wish to listen while commuting or returning to village?

Each of our career panel discussions and conversations is recorded so you may listen whenever and wherever you can!

Professional Network

Able to provide first-hand experience or looking for a mentor?

We connect RPCVs across the country for career advice and host a national mentoring program for mentors and mentees!

Links to Job Boards

  As you search for a job… Have a second pair of eyes on you resume. We’ll do this for free, send it to us here Do you have still have NCE? If one isn’t hiring another, try another level: local, state, regional, national, and international We’re building out the various list boards as we […]

Service Buy Back for Federal Employees

  Key Takeaways Fed employees should do this ASAP Short-term gain with Annual Leave Long-term gain with retirement Roughly $250 one-time cost   Did you know as a federal employee (and some state-level employees), your time served in the Peace Corps can count towards your service computation date? This means the time served can be […]

Latest Release

Ep. 9 RPCVnexus Résumé Writing

Your résumé is an employers first look at who you are and what you bring to the table. In this session, Jonathan Keenan (RPCV Cameroon) goes through formatting, tips and tricks, and answers questions from the audience on how to best prepare that initial introduction.

Previous Releases

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Ep. 1 Resume & Job Fair Preparation – Jan 2024

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